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ATSA, quand l'Art passe à l'Action


Order your do-it-yourself kit and easily turn your brown bin into an amazing artwork !


- Office pickup: $12
- Home delivery: $14

This amount allows us to continue the project and multiply opportunities to make it in Montreal and Quebec. By contributing to the "do it yourself" kit, you help to support the cause !


This kit includes:

The visual identity of the project : a vinyl to stick on the top of your bin so that everyone can go to learn more about the project and become a member of CABO !
Printing of traced drawings from a Montreal artist of your choice. 
The list of materials you need to get to paint correctly on your tank. 
A practical guide to help you in all the steps of the creation process of your bin and to participate in making our bins a loved piece rather than neglected.

If the project may seem complicated at first sight, by following the instructions it will be fine. Your artwork doesn't have to look the same as the artist's: change the colors, reproduce your favorite shapes several times, add other designs, in short, don't judge yourself and have fun!

*Plan 2 to 3 hours for the realization of your artwork.