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ATSA, quand l'Art passe à l'Action

Place Émilie-Gamelin / Montréal


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État d’Urgence is a recurring event organized most urgently by ATSA. It is a refugee camp in the heart of downtown, set up each year since 1998 thanks to the generosity of an impressive team of citizens, businesses, institutions and groups all united in their support of the more than billion – and steadily growing – underprivileged, displaced, landless and homeless persons around the globe, starting with our own.  

It is a demonstration against individualism and the deterioration of social relations. 
ATSA and the artists involved with État d’Urgence, in a spirit of generosity, commitment and risk-taking well worth the effort of discovering and congratulating, guarantee to all a quality, multidisciplinary program, free of charge.  
L’ÉTAT D'URGENCE: A STATE OF EMERGENCY with a focus on human values and where no one must be left behind. Since 1998, État d’Urgence has been an inclusive event, unique in the world. It allows all involved to celebrate community and affords them an opportunity to reflect upon the meaning of the word. It allows us to share the best we have to offer. It is a time of gathering, a time to replenish ourselves with positive energy, to stand together and demonstrate to all that discomfort and non-conformity are things that can make a difference.


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Realization : Évangéline and Noémie De Pas


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context 2004

État d’Urgence (December 1–5), Place Émilie-Gamelin, Montreal

We set up the camp ourselves. The content becomes meatier. Graphics firm Orangetango sponsors the event’s visual identity, which takes on its current look. Chefs and other collaborators remain on board. The homeless take on a larger set of responsibilities. Voir weekly mentions our need for volunteers, and presto, 60 of them sign on! In spite of our limited means, we feel intense emotional support.


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L’État d’Urgence in numbers

  • 53 000$ donnations in clothes
  • 3000 meals
  • 5000 snacks
  • 93 artists and artisans
  • 61 volunteers

... and tons of generosity, discoveries and encounters who made the 2004 edition a Manifestival with and within the streets which went beyond our expectations !

To know more about the Red Cross 
To know to more about internally displaced persons and refugees 

Many thanks to all our partners, our restaurants and to our collaborators
Big thanks also to all our team of voluntary participants and to all our donators. 


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