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ATSA, quand l'Art passe à l'Action



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promoting awareness and mutual assistance towards the homeless
both here and around the world

An efficient refugee camp open 24 hours a day, three meals per day, clothing donation and a program of shows and activities for all ages. État d’Urgence is a conjoined effort of artists, citizens and institutions with the goal to provoke solidarity towards poverty here and abroad, while providing concrete help on the ground through donations of warm clothes and three meals a day in a friendly atmosphere, as well as many activities designed to bring everyone together which go against prejudice and value the isolated ones.

We want État d’Urgence to be a tradition of solidarity and encounter in the Montreal urban landscape and would like to create a satellite event for the homeless across Canada.

This year, we will commemorate the life work of mother Émilie Gamelin, who once served soup to the poor on the square which now holds her name.

For a third year already, we will set up a refugee camp in the heart of downtown!

When political will is backing us up… everything is possible.






Context 2002

État d’Urgence (February 1–4), Place Émilie-Gamelin, Montreal

Against all expectations, the Ville de Montréal’s public events division contacts us in mid-January and gives us three weeks to set up État d’Urgence. The Tremblay administration has just swept into power and an abandoned building along Décarie Expressway squatted by the homeless has been demolished. ATSA seizes the opportunity to submit its project to the executive committee. For fear of garnering bad press, the administration approves it. Meanwhile, the Maisonneuve Regiment, whose team has changed since its last involvement, accepts the mission without looking at the event’s track record. Two weeks later, the Canadian Forces cannot back out. The camp is set up and all is going according to plan. The Mayor drops by often to check on progress and we are confident that we can carry on. Recalling the symbolism of La Banque à Bas, ATSA installs in the very centre of the camp two twin tower/refrigerators and a suspended airplane seemingly ready to strike them, a reference to the recent events of 9/11.



Friday Feb. 01

18h Premier repas avec Soeur Émilie Gamelin, réincarnée par Nathalie Claude

20h Projection de S.P.I.T. de Daniel Cross
Saturday Feb. 02
13h Atelier d'Impro ouvert à tous avec la Ligue Nationale d'Improvisation
16h Match d'Impro avec équipe mixte de citoyens et de comédiens professionnels 
20h Zapartistes  : Cabaret Politique : la revue de l’année  
avec Denis Trudel,Christian Vanasse, Frédérique Savard Geneviève Rochon… 
Sunday Feb. 03
15h Bingo avec François Bingourd
17h Expo Photo
19h La Poubelle à mots :  lecture publique de mots recueillis au camp de Stéphane Crète
20h Place à la musique…surprise musicale ! 
Ne manquer pas notre ' Banque à Bas '  de l’année : le World Trade Center réalisé à partir d`électroménagers récupérés :
Tour 1…DROITS…