ATSA, quand l'Art passe à l'Action


ATSA receives a YMCA Peace Medal for Cuisine ta ville ! Things got emotional when ATSA was awarded a YMCA Peace Medal (Organization for Peace category) for Cuisine ta ville 2019, in the presence of such illustrious peace ambassadors as Yvon Deschamps and Judi Richards ! This award cannot come at a better time, given the current context, as Cuisine ta ville is a testament not only to ATSA’s resilience, but also to that of all those who leave behind their country of origin, in often difficult conditions, to build new lives for themselves elsewhere. We believe that as a host society, it is our duty to honour these new arrivals in the heart of the city, and to welcome them with open arms. THANK YOU to the YMCA for its commitment and its action and CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners !